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Pink Batts

Pink Batts® have been Australia's favourite insulation for over 55 years. The Pink Batts® brand is one of many Fletcher Insulation brands. Fletcher Insulation is owned by Fletcher Building, one of the largest building companies in the Oceana region.

Since their establishment in 1956, Pink Batts® have undergone improvements and changes over time to increase their efficiency in temperature control, giving Australian's more comfort.

Pink Batts are manufactured in two of the three Fletcher Insulation manufacturing plants. One is the largest glasswool manufacturing facility in Australia in Dandenong, VIC. The other is in Sydney's Rooty Hill plant.


Traveling through time with Pink Batts...

· Building paper plant opened in Sydney in 1948

· First glasswool plant opened in Sydney in 1956

· ACI purchase building paper plant in Homebush and expands its operations

· ACI and Owens Corning form Australian Fibreglass (1959)

· The glasswool plant moves from Sydney to Melbourne (Dandenong) in 1963

· In 1988 BTR Nylex purchases ACI

· 1998, Insulation Solutions Pty Ltd. become part of the AMATEK Group of companies

· Pink Batts are currently manufactured in 2 plants, Rooty Hill ( Sydney ) and Dandenong (Melbourne)


Why Pink Batts?

Since 1956 Pink Batts have been Australia 's favourite insulation. Pink Batts insulation has undergone improvements and changes over that time to increase its efficiency in temperature control giving Australian's even more comfort.

Insulation plays a vital role in increasing comfort to your home by stabilising internal temperatures and reducing noise transmission. Importantly, insulation also helps reduce energy costs for heating and cooling which is good for the family budget and environment. Pink Batts insulation produces environmentally sustainable products that improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

Using less energy in the home helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pink Batts are made from up to 70% recycled glass and save hundreds of times more energy than is used to produce them. By installing Pink Batts insulation you not only increase your home's comfort levels, you are also to helping sustain the world for future generations to enjoy.



By installing Pink Batts insulation you reduce heat transfer by up to 60% and that means great savings on your energy bills, not to mention how comfortable you’ll be. Pink Batts can actually reduce summer heat in your home by up to 8°C - 12°C. Pink Batts are non-combustible so there’s no increased fire risk and can be used with confidence around down-lights when installed as per manufacturer’s recommendations.


Pink Batts have a number of advantages over any other insulation.


Safe to Use: Pink Batts® are safe to use, pose no threat to health and provide many

positive benefits to the home.

Bio-soluble: Pink Batts® incorporate a new generation bio-soluble formulation.

Bonded Fibres: Pink Batts® bonded fibres do not enter the inside of the home.

Low Allergen: Pink Batts® are low allergen and suitable for use with Asthma and allergy sufferers.

Fire Safe: Pink Batts® are non combustible.*

Sustainable: Studies have shown that a well insulated home provides a healthierenvironment. Pink Batts® are made from up to 70% recycled glass which makes them a sustainable product for the future.


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