The following information is provided directly from Boral and must be read before placement of any order


Placing your order

When placing an order, please take the time to give clear information as Boral will charge quite hefty fees if they are unable to deliver bricks due to inaccurate information being provided.

This will also cause delays for you getting your Bricks as they will need to return the bricks to the yard and your re-delivery will have to be scheduled in behind all other scheduled deliveries.

When placing an order, on the final page of our online ordering system - please advise:

  1. If you need a crane or a forklift (click here for further forklift info)
  2. A nearest cross street
  3. Of any overhead obstructions such as power poles, phone lines or trees (if ordering a crane truck delivery)
  4. Open trenches, pipes or other materials obstructing access to your site
  5. Banks or retaining walls
  6. Traffic or clearway restrictions
  7. Tight access for their equipment
  8. Narrow laneways or streets either within close proximity to or on approach to your site
  9. Any other special delivery instructions

General dimensions of Boral vehicles and equipment:

  • Truck height clearance - minimum 4.5m
  • Truck length - Truck only, 10m
  • Truck length - Truck & Trailer, 19m (most common delivery method)
  • Truck weight - Truck only, up to 27 tonne
  • Truck weight - Truck & Trailer, up to 48 tonne
  • Truck width clearance - minimum 3m (requires additional 3-4m at unloading area for stabilizer legs)

Product Placement:

The standard delivery method is to place brick packs within crane reach from the kerbside outside of the property. On request, Boral will endeavour to place the bricks within the property at your designated position.

You will have to sign a damage waiver form if their driver has to drive over the council kerbing to enter your proerty and also cover the equipment against damage whilst on your property.

Boral will not place product above ground level

The Boral delivery driver has the right to make the final decision on product placement once he has assessed the site - taking in to consideration any written instructions or verbal requests.

Changes to a delivery:

Notification is required before 1pm the day before delivery of any changes to quantity of product, changes to product or delivery address. A late notification fee of $110 may apply if insufficient notice is provided.

Cancellation of a delivery:

24 hours notice is required for all cancellations or orders. A late notification fee of $110 may apply if insufficient notice is provided.

Bad Weather:

In the event of bad weather prior to the expected delivery date where you feel Boral will be unable to successfully delivery any order, you should contact us at on 1300 TRADES to cancel the delivery as soon as possible.


bricks are generally supplied strapped with forklift tyne holes and pallets are not generally supplied. They may be requested (only for deliveries for Badgery's creek bricks (see below). Please advise in the notes section of the final page of our ordering system if you require pallets.

Badgery's Creek bricks are:

  • Commons
  • Jumbo Commons
  • Horizon series - Antique Grey, Cream, Natural or Pink
  • Horizon series - Carrington Blend
  • Horizon series - Castlemaine Blend
  • Horizon Series - Copeland Blend
  • Horizon series - Hawkesbury Blend
  • Horizon series - Hunter Blend
  • Horizon series - Manning Blend
  • Horizon series - Patterson Blend
  • Horizon series - Alabaster
  • Horizon series - Lindeman
  • Horizon series - Phillip
  • Horizon series - Summer Gold
  • Nuvo Series - Bantry Bay
  • Nuvo Series - Double Bay Blend
  • Nuvo Series - Nelson Bay
  • Nuvo Series - Rose Bay
  • Nuvo Series - Taylor's Bay Blend
  • Nuvo Series - Watson's Bay Blend
  • Nuvo Series - Yowie Bay Blend
  • Nuvo Series - Cameo
  • Nuvo Series - Coral Mist
  • Nuvo Series - Desert Sage
  • Nuvo Series - Limestone Hue
  • Nuvo Series - Sandstone Blush Blend
  • Nuvo Series - Sunset Haze

If you require pallets for other brick types, you can buy them yourself from

  • Western Pallets - 02 4777 4661
  • Brogan Box - 02 4576 6066
  • Afford Pallets - 02 9603 4855
  • Advance Pallets 02 4648 4848

For collection of pallets please allow 2-3 weeks for collections after the original delivery was made.

Allocation of stock for large quantity order

If you require multiple deliveries of a face brick (not just commons) you will need to reserve the overall amount of bricks required by indicating in the order notes section how many bricks you will be needing overall. This is to allow for the overall amount of bricks you need to be put aside for you, thus preventing a variation in colour etc. from delivery to delivery due to bricks being made from clay, which can very from batch to batch.

Each consequent order for these allocated bricks will need to have reference made to this batching process / your original order to ensure the bricks delivered are from the same batch of bricks allocated for you. Failure to do this will result in bricks being delivered from different batchings of bricks.

Once you have reserved bricks, you must take regular deliveries (at least every 4 weeks), to guarantee the original quantity is reserved for that order. If no movement of stock occurs within this time the reserved product will be returned to stock and you run the risk that the balance of your order will be from different batch.

Notification of variations in brick colour / texture needs to be advised within 3 days of receipt of the bricks received. No claims will be accepted after this period or once bricks have been laid.

Commons are only batched per delivery. Bulk orders remain un-batched until an order is made & at such time this quantity only is batched. Although no 4 week reservation rule on commons orders applies, if regular (within 4 wks) deliveries are not being taken the order may be completed, in the case of a price increase the order will need to be re-negotiated with sales person.

Delivery costs if unloading takes more than 1 hour (Demurrage)

Boral allow up to 1 hour for unloading - anything over 1 hour is charged out at a rate of $1.19 per minute (inc GST) - Boral will endeavour to advise of this onsite by the driver if possible beforehand. This charge will be invoiced seperately from any initial invoice.