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Steel Stair Stringers

Standard stringers are fabricated with a Rise of 175mm and a Going of 250mm which satisfies all relevant building standards throughout Australia. The stringers are listed in the Mall here as sets of two, but can be supplied in any configuration (eg: if three stringers are needed you would enter 1.5 as the qty in your enquiry)

Stair Stringers come complete with top hanger brackets, riser brackets and a choice of footing configurations.

The stringers are supplied in 2 different finishes

All Stringers are fabricated from Australian Made 100 x 50 x 3.0mm Supagal RHS. This product is a pre-galvanized (both inside and out) grade AS1163 - C350/450LO material. The total coating thickness of Supagal pre-galvanized sections is twice that of any other product currently available. On Supagal Stringers all the welds and brackets are then coated with Cold Galvanized Paint after fabrication.

These units are used primarily for internal applications or where the stringers will have some protection from the elements and would be painted in an appropriate paint once they have been installed on site.

Should you require extra protection from the elements, then we recommend using Hot Dip Galvanized Stringers. Hot Dip Galvanizing is a process where the stringer, after manufacture, is completely immersed in molten zinc. This thick metallic zinc coating, that completely covers the stringer surface, providing a superior corrosion resistant finish. There is no need to paint these units (but they can be if required).


In ground Foot Style
The inground foot style is the most popular form of stringer. After bolting the top hanger brackets into place, the base of the stringer is simply concreted into a suitable hole in the ground. The leg on the stringer is approximately 350mm long, a cross bar is welded to the bottom of the leg to assist in holding into the concrete footing.



On Concrete Slab Style
For on-concrete applications the legs of an inground style stringer are cut to the desired length, next a bolt-on stair kit bracket is screwed to each leg. The stringer legs are then able to be anchor bolted down into place. (A bolt-on stair kit consists of 2 angle brackets and tek screws for fixing to the legs).




Landing To Landing Style
A landing to landing setup is also available. This type of stringer is fabricated to order. Supagal finished stringers are available within 24 hours and Hot Dip Galvanized require a few more days. (We recommend that this type of stringer be purchased prior to erecting the landing to ensure an exact fit).



The Riser Brackets used are pre-drilled with 2 @ 11 x 16mm slotted holes to match all popular concrete and aluminium step treads on the market. Alumininium Steps are now available designed specifically to suit these stair stringers - see the other category in this shopfront of the mall. The most commonly used timber step tread is a 250x50mm hardwood timber type.

How do you calculate the steps you need on your stringer?

Simply measure the height from the top of the landing to the ground directly below, divide this length by 175 rounding to the nearest whole number and deduct 1 for the top landing.

Example: Height = 2415 divided by 175 = 13.8 (14) less 1 = 13 Step.


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