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50mm VVH Grade Polystyrene Foam Sheet 2400x1200mm

50mm VVH Grade Polystyrene Foam Sheet 2400x1200mm


EVO Masonry Waterproofing products
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Galvanised Steel Stair Stringers & Aluminium Step Treads

Steel Stair Stringers

Steel Stair Stringers

Aluminium Step Treads

Aluminium Step Treads

Timber Stair Treads

Timber Stair Treads

Stair Riser Components

Stair Riser Components

Stair Stringers and Step Treads

Stair Stringers

Stair Stringers offer a quick and economical solution to both internal and external stairs.

Being ready-made to Australian Standards approved Step & Riser dimensions you simply put in position and screw/bolt on the tread of your choise and your done!

Inground style Stair Stringers (in both Supagal and Hot Dip Galvanized finish) are kept in stock up to 15 steps and can be delivered anywhere in Australia usually within the week (Hot Dipped Gal will take an extra week)

Aluminium Stair Step Treads

There are extruded aluminium step treads to complement the range of Steel Stair Stringers. Aluminium Step Treads are virtually maintenance free and aesthetically pleasing. Adjustable fixing positions are integrated into the design of the Step Tread making installation simple. The ribbed grooves on the Stair Tread extend over the front edge enabling the grip area to be maximised.

The aluminium step treads can be delivered with the stair stringers and are priced to be included at no extra freight cost. They can be delivered on their own and the following freight rates would then apply

Freight Costs & Lead times

2 days
5 Days
7 Days
7 Days
12 Days

For stair stringers of 16 or more you need to add an extra $60 to the figures quoted above
Hot dip galvanised option takes approx 1 week more
If needing 3 stringers - put 1.5 as the quantity you need in the QTY box, if needing 5 stringers, put 2.5 in the QTY box etc
Costs are based on one pair being delivered and will increase for 3 stringers or more
Add an extra 4 days if having aluminium step treads delivered with the stringers


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