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Fold Down Clothes Lines

Your Austral FOLDOWN clothes dryer is so easy to use, simply swing up on washdays then pull the cord and fold down when finished.

  • Made of strong galvanised steel
  • Available in Woodland Grey & Classic Cream
  • Blends in anywhere


Our Foldown come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. From the Add a line, with a massive 35 metres of line space, down to our Slenderline model with 15 metres, we have a clothes line for you.

With Australs' improved line tensioning system you can install EZY-HIDE at any distance up to a maximum of 8 metres. PVC coated lines won't mark or snag your clothes.

All Austral Foldown lines (except the Unitline) can be installed on a wall or in the ground as a free standing unit.

Standard Foldown Line

Standard 28

The Standard Foldown is available in wall or free standing versions.
It is available in Woodland Grey & Classic Cream and provides 28m of line space.

Add A Line

The Add a line foldowns are available in wall or free standing versions. The colours available are Beige and Heritage Green.
The Add a line offers the option of using a smaller section of Line space or combining both sections for a total of 35 metres of space.

Add A Line Foldown Line

Slenderline Foldown Line


The Slenderline now has 15m of line space and makes an ideal second line for the garage or verandah for winter use.

Available in Woodland Grey & Classic Cream



The Unit Line is available as a wall mounted clothes line and is finished in the colour Beige or Heritage Green. It provides 15m of line space and it is ideal for that 2nd line in the garage or on the verandah and when space is at a premium.

Unitline Foldown Line


Compact 27 Foldown Line

Compact 28

The Compact 28 is a compact version of the standard foldown unit - still giving a massive 28m of line space.

The Compact is Available in Woodland Grey & Classic Cream and wall or ground mount options


Line Space
No. of Lines
Area Required
Standard 28
2.4m x 1.5m
2.5m x 2m
1-4 people
Add-A-Line 35
2.4m x 1.5m
2.5m x 2m
1-4 people
Slenderline 16
2.4m x 0.5m
2.4m x 800mm
1-2 people
Unitline 15
1.4m x 940mm
1.5m x 1.3m
1-2 people
Compact 28
2.4m x 940mm
2.5m x 1.3m
1-4 people

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Austral Add-A-Line 35 Clothes Line
ADDALINE35Austral Add-A-Line 35 Clothes Line$239.20 each

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Austral Compact 28 Clothes Line
COMPACT28Austral Compact 28 Clothes Line$197.60 each

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Austral Indoor / Outdoor Fold Down Clothesline
IN/OUTAustral Indoor / Outdoor Fold Down Clothesline$130.00 each

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Austral Slenderline 16 Clothes Line
SLENDERLINE16Austral Slenderline 16 Clothes Line$175.76 each

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Austral Slenderline 20 Clothes Line
SLENDERLINE20Austral Slenderline 20 Clothes Line$191.36 each

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Austral Standard 28 Clothes Line
STANDARD28Austral Standard 28 Clothes Line$184.08 each

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Austral Unit Line 15 Clothes Line
UNITLINE15Austral Unit Line 15 Clothes Line$172.64 each

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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 

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