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Polystyrene Waffle Pods

Polystyrene rafts and wafflepods have revolutionised the concreting industry over the last decade. A waffle pod system can save considerable money as site preparation is much simpler and there are significant savings in the amount of concrete used.


The polystyrene raft is also a great insulator, reducing heat transfer through the floor.

The on-ground system (rather than in-ground) slab, eliminating the need for labour intensive trenching - formerly essential to create underfloor concrete beams in conventional slab construction methods. Construction takes place on cleared level surfaces, allowing work to continue uninterrupted in inclement weather conditions.



The Wafflepod system uses polystyrene void formers arranged on the levelled building area in a grid (waffle) pattern with reinforcing between and above the voidformers. Concrete fills the spaces between and across the Ribbed Raft to form a slab over the entire area. The spaces between the void formers effectively become concrete beams on ribs resulting in a slab which is a structural element of immense strength.


What are the Wafflepods made of?

Each pod is manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene. In Australia CFCs have never been used to make expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) which is turned into wall insulation panels, agricultural produce boxes and moulded protective packaging. This type of polystyrene is expanded using hydrocarbons, mainly pentane.

All Waffle Pods are 1090x1090mm designed to be used in conjunction with a 110mm beam system - creating a 1200x1200mm grid effect.

The Pods are supplied in thicknesses of 150 / 225 / 300mm thicknesses and all accessories can be supplied.



 also offer a free quote service from plan - simply contact us if you have an engineered waffle pod slab and we'll provide the lowest prices on the pods accessories and reinforcement you require to complete your job - all at guaranteed lowest prices!!



Details for pod calculations (approximate) are as follows:

Method 1
Divide m2 of slab by 1.51 this will equal number of pods
Method 2
Multiply the perimeter beam length by 0.135 this will equal m² of edge beam, deduct m2 of edge beam from total m2 of slab, divide the resultant by 1.44 to get the number of pods required
Multiply the total number of pods by 3 to calculate the total number of 110mm spacers (including 1-way & internal 4-way spacers). Alternately, multiply the total number of pods by 1.2 to calculate the number of 110mm one way spacers only. Divide the total length of the perimeter beam by 1.2 to calculate the total of 300mm or 270mm edge spacers required.
Multiply the total number of pods by 3 to calculate the total number of mesh chairs (25/40) required.

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