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Stratco Tuffloor Steel Joist Flooring System

Tuffloor is a steel floor framing system designed for strength and ease of installation, and is an easy and economical alternative to timber subfloors. The system is ideal for domestic house construction and extensions, and suits cladding with either tongue and grooved strip flooring, or a wide range of particleboard, and composite products.



It is suitable for commercial and light industrial applications, although you should refer these applications to Stratco to determine allowable spans for these load conditions. Tuffloor is pre-cut to length, eliminating on-site cutting, saving you time and effort.


It is particularly suited for use with reactive soils, and sloping sites, and can be installed in remote locations without the need for cartage of extensive installation infrastructure. Offering economical spanning performance, Stratco Tuffloor is adaptable to a variety of building designs and construction methods.

Need Economy?

All major structural components are made from high tensile steel providing strength and impact resistance. The efficient strength to weight ratio of high tensile steel minimizes the weight of materials needed to be transported to site, saving money in remote locations. With the increased load bearing capacity of the Tuffloor system, smaller sections can be used, contributing to cost efficiency. When this is combined with in-line construction, the total height of the building can be reduced, further saving brick and cladding costs. Keeping project costs under control is always a challenge on any building project and choosing Tuffloor for your project just makes a lot of sense.

Design Information

Stratco Tuffloor flooring conforms with the following Australian standards:

  • AS 4100:1998 Steel Structures.
  • AS/NZS 4600:1996 Cold-formed Steel Structures.
  • AS/NZS 1170:2002 Structural Design Actions.
  • AS 3623:1993 Domestic Metal Framing.

The following design loads are used in the determination of the span tables:

 Floor loads:

  • 2.0 kPa, live load.
  • 0.6 kPa, dead load.
  • 1.8 kN, concentrated load.

Roof loads:

  • 0.9 kPa dead load for a tiled roof.
  • 0.3 kPa dead load for a steel roof.
  • 0.25 kPa live load.

Wall loads:

  • 0.8 kN/m dead load


Sectional Properties

All sections are galvanised to Z350 specifications and are rolled out of high tensile material with a minimum yield strength of 450MPa.

Joist Section Depth mm Width mm Lip mm Thickness mm Mass kg/m
FJO18212 182 51 14 1.2 2.79
FJO18215 182 51 14 1.5 3.54
FJO18219 182 51 15 1.9 4.46
FJO18224 182 51 16 2.4 5.62
FJO23515 235 62 14 1.5 4.50
FJO23519 235 64 15 1.9 5.68
FJO23524 235 64 16 2.4 7.15
Bearer Section Depth mm Width mm Lip mm Thickness mm Mass Kg/m
FBE18219 187 58 0 1.9 4.46
FBE18224 187 58 0 2.4 5.62
FBE23519 240 72 0 1.9 5.68
FBE23524 240 72 0 2.4 7.15

Need Versatility?

Stratco Tuffloor Flooring complies with the static and dynamic response requirements imposed by AS 3623 - Domestic Metal Framing. The maximum serviceability deflection of the floor is limited to L/360 but kept to less than a maximum of 12mm.

235mm sections allow for 115mm pipe penetrations and toilet bends under the floor, and standard joist spacings compatible with a large variety of flooring materials.

Need Durability?

The galvanised coating offers long term protection against corrosion. As the subfloor is made from steel it is not subject to twisting or warping. Other benefits include termite protection, mould resistance and elimination of wood rot.

Easy MaintenanceFor specifications on maintenance, fixing methods, handling, storage and a wide range of other important facts, consult the Selection Use and Maintenance of Stratco Steel Products brochure.
Need Brochures?

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Tuffloor Design Guide (Size:933Kb)
Design Guide
Tuffloor Installation Guide (Size:530Kb)
Installation Guide

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