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Timber Decking


Timber decking has always been a predominant feature of the modern homes of today increasing your homes living and partying areas.

We are lucky enough to have the beautiful weather we have here in Australia and by having a natural timber deck allows for you to enjoy this.

NOTE - Timber decking is sourced and supplied from various outlets and, due to the fact it is a natural resource, the pricing, availability and quality of the product can vary.

Please use these prices as a guide and allow to contact the various outlets to confirm the pricing based on the product(s) you request, the qty you after and the location for delivery.

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Spotted Gum Decking 130x25mm
DECK130SGUMSpotted Gum Decking 130x25mm$15.50 lin m

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Blackbutt Decking 64x18mm
DECK64BBUTTBlackbutt Decking 64x18mm$4.81 lin m

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Mixed Hardwood Decking 64x19mm
DECK64MHMixed Hardwood Decking 64x19mm$3.33 lin m

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Spotted Gum Decking 67x18mm
DECK67SGUMSpotted Gum Decking 67x18mm$3.77 lin m

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Blackbutt Decking 86x18mm
DECK86BBUTTBlackbutt Decking 86x18mm$6.90 lin m

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Mixed Hardwood Decking 86x19mm
DECK86MHMixed Hardwood Decking 86x19mm$5.36 lin m

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Selang Batau Decking 90x18mm
DECK90BATAUSelang Batau Decking 90x18mm$5.03 lin m

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Belian Decking 90x18mm
DECK90BELIANBelian Decking 90x18mm$5.27 lin m

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IronBark Decking 90x18mm
DECK90IBARKIronBark Decking 90x18mm$8.55 lin m

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Merbau Decking 90x19mm
DECK90MERBAUMerbau Decking 90x19mm$6.59 lin m

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Decking - Balau 75x25mm
DECKING75BALAUDecking - Balau 75x25mm$4.22 lin m

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Brushbox  Decking 90x18mm
DECKING90BBBrushbox Decking 90x18mm$5.85 lin m

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Treated Pine Decking 90x19mm
DECKING90TPTreated Pine Decking 90x19mm$3.35 lin m

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Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products) Result Pages:  1 

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