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The innovative Vent Windows are a fantastic way to provide or improve airflow in to a room but still maintain the effect and security offered by glass bricks.







Each Innovative Vent Window consists of the following excellent features:

  • Made from arctic white rigid PVC compound
  • UV Stabilised to resist colour fading and brittleness
  • Double Glazed - reduces noise, heating and cooling costs
  • Obscure glass lets light pass whilst maintaining privacy
  • Flyscreen mesh included
  • Fully sealed on all 4 sides to ensure waterproofing
  • Aluminium hinged - allows the vent to be opened to any position



Four different sizes to choose from



The Vent Windows are available in four sizes and can be placed in both the silicone lay or mortar lay panels either vertically or horizontally.


The sizes available are:

189x189x80mm - equicalent to 1x1 standard glass bricks

189x384x80mm - equivalent to 1x2 standard glass bricks

189x577x80mm - equivalent to 1x3 standard glass bricks

384x384x80mm - equivalent to 2x2 standard glass bricks

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Vent Window 189x189x80mm
VENTWINDOW1X1Vent Window 189x189x80mm$101.42 each

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Vent Window 189x384x80mm
VENTWINDOW1X2Vent Window 189x384x80mm$133.99 each

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Vent Window 189x577x80mm
VENTWINDOW1X3Vent Window 189x577x80mm$166.00 each

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Vent Window 384x384x80mm
VENTWINDOW2x2Vent Window 384x384x80mm$177.00 each

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result Pages:  1 

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