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Go on.... help us to help you!!
Go on.... help us to help you!!

If our prices are not the lowest ... we need to know!!

Our aim is to bring you the best possible pricing on all your building and home improvement materials and make it easy to order them... 24 hours a day. The prices listed are discounted as much as we can based on the prices offered by the manufacturers....

....but that doesn't mean we can't get lower prices still

The manufacturers do not pay to have their products listed in our site on the understanding that they will offer competitive pricing. If you do receive better pricing than what we offer, please, you must let us know. We require this to ensure the pricing being offered by the manufacturers is competitive - we will reward you by beating any valid pricing offered elsewhere for the same items.

by giving us this feedback we both win

What to do if you have received lower pricing

If you have received lower pricing, contact us and let us know - providing a quote from an alternate source or at least all the details you can. We'll then take this information back to our suppliers and get them to lower the price they are offering. If we both work together in this way, then we'll both win.

Receiving this kind of feedback helps to lower all prices, always.

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