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VELUX Replacement Acrylic alternative
VELUX Replacement Acrylic alternative

A Versatile double glazed alternative to Acrylic Domes Skylights

If you need to replace existing acrylic domes there is now a much better, more efficient, longer lasting alternative!

Replacement acrylic domes can be easily damaged

Why replace plastic bubbles with a VELUX FCM Skylight?

VELUX glass skylights are much more durable, more energy efficient and, with a slim, smooth exterior, are more visually appealing than plastic bubbles.

FCM Skylights incorporate VELUX high performance glazing and an all metal, insulated exterior frame that withstands the extremes of the Australian climate.

FCMs are impact resistant and meet requirements for Australian Standards (AS 1288 & AS 4285) for load, water-tightness and overhead glazing.

They have been tested to, and pass, Australian Standards for Bushfire (BAL 40, in roof pitches 0 - 60). NB: applies to Skylight only.)

  • They achieve the maximum 5 Stars on the WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) Summer rating.
  • Unlike acrylic or polycarbonate, glass will not fade nor discolour over time, thereby safeguarding the highest standards of light quality.
  • VELUX high performance double glazing blocks 80% of radiant heat and gives 99% protection from UV rays.
  • The FCM unit achieves superb technical performance: U-Value 2.8 W/mK; 0.26 Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (4646 size, complete skylight).
  • FCMs are relatively quick and easy to install, thereby saving on installation costs.

10 Year warranty.

Dome Replacement Sizes available

Of the 10 sizes of Velux FCM skylights availlable - 3 sizes can be used for direct replacement for acrylic domes:

  • FCM1430 fits standard 400x800mm dome
  • FCM2230 fits standard 600x800mm dome
  • FCM3434 fits standard 900x900mm dome

View the FCM range of VELUX skylights from the VELUX Shopfront in our Mall.

Download / View further information from the VELUX website:

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