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Our Television commercial
Our Television commercial

On October 14, 2012 our first television commercial went to air on channels 9, GEM and Go! (Sydney regions).

Below is the actual advertisment... short and sweet. Below that is a bit of a run-down on how the ad was made for those that might be interested.

The making of the ad was done on September 21 up in the Channel 9 Brisbane studios, starting off with the compulsory make-up being applied to stop any reflection off my face from the lights....

Then off to the studio for the 'green screen' filming.

They film in front of a green background then apply a filter later on in production that removes all of the green from the footage, making the background disappear... allowing other images to be dropped in later....

Who would have thought to use an iPad for the tele-prompting!! (The iPad and it's not-so-professional stand were our keep costs to a minimum)

After quite a few takes to get it right (well... right enough for a first go.... approx 2 hours at it) it was then off to the post-production room for editing etc....

After a bit of tossing ideas around and chopping and changing (around 3-4 hours worth) it all came together at the expert hands of Paul the wonder editor (I still love those 'flares' Paul) to come up with the final ad as you see at the top of the page.

And that was it!! All up a great job done by everyone at Channel Nine studios who not only were very professional but also very down to earth and made it so much easier for me to do the filming... so my sincere thanks to Jenny for her fantastic overseeing / directing, Linda for the Make-up, Ralph and Glen on Camera and Sound and Paul in Editing for a job well done.

My thanks also go out to my good friend Bella... who was great support throughout the whole thing... assisting in getting me there on time, having a clean shirt (that was actually ironed... lol) and making it all come together as well as it did

And with the commercial all finally finished, there was only one thing left to do....

Thanks for taking the time to check this out.... I hope it is only one of many to come and that my acting skills improve!!


Fred Mancer

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