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Efergy Energy Saving Tips
Efergy Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving tips

Of all the questions we get asked, the most common is….

‘What are the most effective ways to cut my energy consumption?’

We’re always looking around to see what the latest ways to save energy are. We think our products are a great way to monitor your consumption but the most important thing is to use this information to change a few old habits.

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Here are the most effective lowcost things you can do to reduce your energy use and save money:

efergy tips: your computer

- We all spend more and more time on laptops and desktops these days, making a few small changes to the way

- Switch off your computer monitor if you will be away for more than 10 minutes

- Check your power settings on your computer. Most of them have energy saving options on them. This is a great way to reduce because it’s a one off thing and can be really effective. Screensavers and black desktop backgrounds also help.

- Consider putting all your computers, printers and equipment on the footswitch, you can turn of all these easily from one footswitch!

efergy tips: heating and cooling systems

- If you have air conditioning, try and set the temperature at 24-25 degrees C. It’s a comfortable and efficient temperature. Also clean the filters regularly, blockages means the fan has to work harder. Check the savings with your efergy e2!

- Install a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically and maximize your energy savings. It also helps maintain a more comfortable household temperature.

- Caulk or weather strip windows and doors. Saving in annual energy costs might amount to more than 10% of the yearly heating bill.

- If your A/C unit is on the ground, keep the area around it clean and free of obstructions to maintain air flow.

efergy tips: washing your clothes and dishes

- Don’t pre-rinse dishes before putting them in dishwasher. This can save a significant amount per year.

- Also try and use your dishwasher only when it is full, maybe every 2 days.

- Adjust the water level on your washing machine to match the load size, especially when using hot water. Always use a cold rinse. Also clean the lint filter regularly.

- Washing clothes at 30 degrees C as opposed to 40 degrees C, uses 40% less energy and is generally as efficient, according to the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

- Try not to use a clothes dryer… When it comes to energy consumption they are really greedy! Switch to the old outside line method or use a dry room and allow a bit of extra time for the clothes to dry…but just think of the savings! If you have to use the dryer use the auto sensor function if you have one, To conserve energy by not over-drying your clothes.

efergy tips: insulation

- Make sure that you have adequate insulation in your attic; this can reduce your energy heating needs by up to 20 percent. Make sure that your attic is properly ventilated. If your insulation gets even slightly damp, it can lose as much as one third of its ability to insulate.

- Keep the drapes and shades on the south side of your house open during the warmest part of the day in winter months to capture as much sunlight as possible. The sunlight will help warm your house and cut your energy costs. Close all your drapes and shades at night to keep the warm air inside your house.

- Insulating your water heater with a water heater jacket can keep heat from escaping. A water heater jacket is easy to install and can save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills over the lifetime of your water heater.

efergy tips: lighthing

- Switch off all lights when you leave the house, if you leave the lights on for security then connect them to timers.

- Use long lasting compact fluorescent bulbs in your house. This will typically save $1 per bulb changed out (for bulbs running 4-6 hours per day) and reduce heat in your home. There are some ultra efficient LED lights on the market, have you tried them?

- Keep lights and lighting fixtures clean, especially if you're reducing the number of lights you use. Dirt absorbs light. Let lights cool before cleaning them and never touch halogen bulbs with your bare hands. The oil from your skin can greatly damage the bulbs. Use a small piece of paper to hold the bulb.

efergy tips: your appliances

- Shut down stereo systems, TVs and computers when you are not using them. Most of these systems will continue to draw electricity even when they’re idle. Install a remote controlled socket to easily shut down these systems and cut your energy costs.

- The new flat screen plasma TVs use more electricity than the previous cathode ray tube sets, but both consume electricity in standby mode. You can save energy by turning this off at the socket. We offer the media standby eliminator that makes it a lot easier to do… Have a quick look!

- Try not to leave charged appliances unnecessarily plugged in, even when something is completely charged it still uses electricity. Also it can reduce equipment life span by 15% and creates a needless fire risk. Our remote controlled socket can help with that.


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