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How Our System Works
How Our System Works

The Mall Concept

Our Materials Mall website is set up in a similar way to the likes of a traditional bricks & mortar Shopping mall, with hundreds of shopfronts all trading separately, but all under the one roof. This means that you have the benefit of using the one shopping cart system and one user account to order your materials, but items ordered from two different suppliers cannot be delivered together.

The shopfronts referred to above are the sub-categories listed off the main menu down the left hand side of our site - each shopfront / supplier has their own delivery / pick up areas, their own delivery costs and delivery times. In every product description page look for the following:

Look for this icon for delivery and pick up info

Clicking on this will display typical details on where the products from that supplier are available for pick up or delivery, the typical delivery costs, delivery times etc. Use this as a guide only.

Use the shopping cart to make quote requests, enquiries and orders

Instead of just emailing us, we ask that you use the shopping cart & check out system to make any enquiry. You do this as if you are ordering the goods, but you are not...No payment is required or credit card info asked for - This allows the following process:

  1. Our automated system sends your enquiry to the relevant supplier(s) in a formulated manner
  2. Suppliers confirm the availability, delivery costs and times / closest depot to pick up from etc.
  3. We notify you that your enquiry is now READY TO ORDER
  4. You log in to your member area to view details
  5. Submit payment if you wish to order

Make sure when using the cart system to submit through the checkout process!!
We will not see it if you just add them to your cart

Product Prices & delivery costs outined in our site may vary

There are two main factors that make it very hard (if not impossible) to list accurate pricing for both the products shown and the delivery costs outlined in our website. The first is that Australia is a very big place. The second is that the physical size of the materials supplied through our website is very diverse, ranging from a simple construction manual to a load of concrete blocks, requiring a full truck and trailer to deliver.

It's easy to see the cost to deliver the blocks would be a lot more than the book! ... Even the cost to deliver the blocks will vary - it would cost more to have them delivered to a regional location than it would to have them delivered to the local metro area of the depot for example.

how to buy from us

One shopping cart, separate orders

A unique feature to is the ability to place products from different shopfronts in to the one shopping cart - you only need to go through the checkout process the one time once you have finished shopping. Our system will then split your enquiry in to separate enquiries for each shopfront in your personal member area, allowing each one to be treated individually.

You decide which ones you wish to go ahead with once they are confirmed by us as READY TO ORDER. . You can purchase different goods from one place and contact point (all ordering and correspondence is with

Your personal member area

You only need to register your details with us once to have your own member area. All enquiries / orders you place are stored here as well as your delivery addresses etc. We offer a unique transaction filter and search facility to allow you to keep track of all orders placed so that it is easy to come back at a later date and view past orders etc.

All images & prices are representative only. All prices include GST & are subject to change. All sales are as per our terms & conditionsCopyright 2017 - Mancer Corp Pty Ltd