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If it's regarding getting a quote on materials...

Please use the shopping cart system to submit any query relating to purchasing materials. This provides ALL the information required so that accurate answers can be given in the quickest possible way. You are not ordering the goods by doing this. You are not asked for payment nor obliged to commit to anything at any stage.

Why do it this way?

Our website is a virtual shopping mall - we create & manage the virtual shopfronts contained within for the product suppliers & manufacturers. We do not stock nor deliver the goods ourselves - they do. The shopping cart process automatically goes to the appropriate person who can provide the answers you need much quicker than if you simply emailed us.

To contact us for any other reason, click on the link below to send us an email - if it relates to any existing quote or order, please be sure to include the quote or order number in the subject line.

Why no phone number?

With the volume of orders processed we cannot do it over the phone without incurring greater overheads (which would need to be passed on by higher prices). Also, due to the technical nature of construction materials, keeping everything in writing prevents mis-understandings and problems caused - previously we have had many customers deny things they have stated over the phone.

Apart from that, it is just plain and simply more efficient, and allows the correspondence to be re-read, retrieved, and forwarded to others when necessary.

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