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Under floor Bathroom Heating
Under floor Bathroom Heating

Coldbuster Underfloor Heating



 Benefits of under floor bathroom heating                                                   

bathroom heaters


Bathroom Heaters

Across Australia more and more people are moving away from conventional heaters to invisible underfloor heating. This is now also an option for Bathroom Heating. Heat Lamps and radiators are inefficient and not the prettiest solution for your new bathroom. Coldbuster's Under Tile Bathroom Heaters from provide an even warmth across the whole space. You feel the warmth that radiates from the floor up to provide a luxurious comfort that is just not possible with a heat lamp or towel rail radiator. By adding a thermostat with scheduling and temperature control you can effectively manage your energy costs.

Underfloor Bathroom Heaters - The Advantages

  • Even Warmth that radiates from the floor up. This results in heating the right space in the room and not having all the hot air in the ceiling
  • Lower output temperature required as rising warmth provides more efficient heating
  • No visible unit,vents,ducts or wiring. This is great for your room design but also provides extra safety as no heat source is touchable. No burns or fire risk.
  • No forced air flow and so no airborne dust or allergens. Great for allergy or asthma sufferers.
  • Efficient energy system - eco-friendly

Coldbuster Bathroom Heaters - The Advantages

bathroom heaters

  • Electric so no boiler or plumbing required.
  • No maintenance or cleaning and silent running
  • Low cost installation as available as DIY kits
  • Easy Under Tile Installation from 500mm wide rolls to your room size.
  • Thermostat controllable. Temperature and Scheduler controls to manage your energy consumption
  • Run each room independently. You don't need to heat the whole house to heat your bathroom.
  • You can install without effecting existing heating systems. Great as retro fit and renovation solutions
  • Coldbuster Bathroom Heaters are ultra thin (1.5mm). This makes for even easier installation even in critical floor level situations.
  • Suitable for use under most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta, wood, laminate, vinyl & stone.

Coldbuster Under Tile Heating Kits include:

  • Pre-configured element mounted on mesh with self adhesive fixing tape
  • Factory terminated cold tail leads 2.4m long
  • AE-SS installation monitor (element alarm/tester)
  • Installation guidelines
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Technical & installation support (telephonic)
  • No additional supplies are needed other than bonding supplies normally used when laying a tile floor.


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Bathroom Heaters from Coldbuster
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