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3 things you need to know

1. Product Prices & delivery costs may vary

Australia is a very big place, with people spread out everywhere. This affects the availability, pricing and delivery costs of most items listed in our website, as well as the time taken to deliver goods.

2. Look for this icon for delivery & pick up info

Our website is a virtual shopping mall, in it are individual virtual shopfronts. Each shopfront operates separately to the others, each has different pick up points and delivery areas etc. - Goods from different shopfronts cannot be delivered together. Click on the delivery truck icon for information relevant to any supplier or product.

3. How to get a quote or to order goods

Use the shopping cart system to submit a quote request - not an order.... This provides all the information required so that accurate prices, delivery costs etc can be provided very quickly. You are not asked for payment nor obliged to commit to anything by doing this.

*You need to put your cart contents through the checkout so we receive your quote request

All images & prices are representative only. All prices include GST & are subject to change. All sales are as per our terms & conditionsCopyright 2017 - Mancer Corp Pty Ltd