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Add Your Products

Have you own shopfront ...for FREE

Product Manufacturer's and suppliers are invited to include their products within Australia's largest Building and Home Improvements Materials Mall for free... that's right... at no cost!! We specialise in getting the products listed in our mall rank very high (within the top 5 results for most items) in all major search engines - this funnels a large and diverse range of visitors in to our site.

82% of people that are building or renovating use the internet to
look up product information and pricing etc.

How does it work?

We create a shopfront for you within our Materials Mall

This is effectively an alternative to setting up and running your own online store - with all the advantages and none of the disadvantages or costs!! Within your shopfront within the Mall we outline details about you and your business, including your delivery areas and approximate lead times. We list your products, offering as much detail as possible, and include all available options for each item.

When a customer orders any goods, the information they enter is passed through our system automatically and emailed or faxed to you (no phone orders), this both speeds up the whole sales process, and also more importantly, eliminates errors.

Even if you have your own website - it doesn't hurt to have a shopfront in our mall anyway, as we have over 5,000 unique visitors come to the mall every day - all of them interested in building or renovating. (just look at how many visitors are in our site right now by checking out the "Who's online" info box on the left here).

Can you afford to miss such an opportunity to have your products in their faces for free?

How do we do all this for free?

At present, we do not ask you to pay anything for us to do all of this for you, what we do ask, is that you set us up and treat us like you would any other distributor, reseller or agent that you have. You would offer us the same discounts, so that we can mark up the pricing offered to us, but still remain competitive.

We have been successfully selling building-related materials for over 38 years so know the market very well, and will ensure all orders are provided to you with all the information you need to ensure each transaction runs smoothly.

How do we go about it?

Simply contact us to express your interest, if we consider you and your business appropriate, we'll send you a short form that outlines the details we need to have you up and running in the quickest possible way.

That's it!! - Once we receive this information we'll get to work and construct your shopfront. We'll email you with a link to your new shopfront so that you can confirm all details and suggest any alterations.

We will notify our customers that your products are available, and start sending you orders! You then only need to keep us informed of pricing and product updates etc. - just like any other distributor/reseller of yours.

Have your products listed in all major Shopping comparison websites

In addition to the organic listings in Google, Bing and all other search engines... your products will automatically be listed in all the major Australian shopping comparison websites

List of current shopping comparison sites subscribed:

Why do we do this?
We pay a small fee if someone clicks on a product listed in their site which takes the visitors straight to the product listing in our site -your product. As such, they are all doing their hardest to have THEIR listings of your products rank high in all the search engines as well - for example... doing a Google search on a particular product such as a VELUX Fixed Skylight 550x1400mm resulted in the top 7 out of 10 positions all linking back to the product within our shopping mall - see for yourself (results as at March 26, 2014).

We only pay if someone clicks on their link. Think about this... with all of them jostling for no:1 placement in Google searches, we'll only pay one small fee for the visitor to click on only one of these comparison sites, but they are taking up all the top positions in the search engines for us making the chances of funnelling a customer to your site a lot higher


It pushes your competitors products out of these positions.


We are currently establishing advertising within the following:

The Order Process

1.Any enquiries we receive within your designated delivery areas etc and parameters you outline will be handled internally by us by way of email, our Live Chat service and phone sales co-ordinators.

2. Any enquiries that we are not sure of all details (enquiries placed outside your normal delivery area or non-standard colours or requests by the customer for example) will be faxed to you as a quote request initally (see attached).

3. Someone in your office needs to simply jot down the required info we need and email or fax it back to us.

4. We update the customer enquiry in their account area and advise them their enquiry is ready to order by email and SMS.

5. If the customer wishes to proceed they submit their payment to us and can then print their tax invoice from within our system.

6. We email/fax you (you decide) an order including any and all delivery notes as entered by the client.

7. You email/fax us back a copy of your invoice to us (or pro-forma, or even simply a copy of our faxed order) to confirm receipt of our order outlining the exact invoice amount (you only have the one customer account in your accounting system - us)!!

8. We deposit the advised amount in to your nominated bank account and fax you the deposit slip.

9. You liase directly with the client in regards to delivery

10. You deliver the goods.

How easy is that?

  • We create and maintain your shopfront for you
  • We handle all enquiries and orders for you
  • We advertise and promote your shopfront and products for you
  • We search-engine-optimise all products for you - your products list higher than your competition
  • We keep all correspondence in writing where possible - allows for better tracking and data retrieval

We offer you limited liability

One of the biggest features of our ordering system is that an enquiry cannot be submitted by any visitor to our site for your products without them agreeing they have read, understand and agree to any terms and conditions you offer us to list in your shopfront. In this way you become automatically protected from liability should any instance occur where a customer is negligent or at fault - and as all correspondence / ordering etc. is in writing (and logged) we will be able to substantiate this when required - therefore eliminating a lot of problems currently encountered otherwise.

What to do from here?

Click on the link below to download an Excel spreadsheet form that outlines the info we need from you. Once you have filled this in - attach the form and send it to the email address outlined in the form

click here to download the shopfront form

Please understand it requires all the specifications, information, pictures and options available to be provided to us to make products sell well on the internet. (We will be effectively becoming an extension of your own sales and marketing team and need this information). Think of your new shopfront as being a living brochure for your business and the products that will be listed - any question that a customer would ask needs to be answered by the information provided.

We have had businesses provide very little information and as a consequence receive very little's a case of the old saying 'Garbage In = Garbage Out"... we have other suppliers (such as Velux Skylights and Wire Industries Reinforcement) that give good information equating in over $400,000.00 per annum being bought off them.

If it's not your products our customer's are buying ... it will be your competitors
Australia's largest Building & Renovating Materials Mall

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