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Our Trading Terms & Conditions
Our Trading Terms & Conditions

1. Prices

Prices quoted may be subject to an adjustment for any increases by the manufacturer or supplier at the date of dispatch, an adjustment for increases of tax (both federal and state), an adjustment for increases of imported goods caused by varying rates of exchange, customs or other duties or for any other reason which may cause an adjustment for increase in price. Notification to the customer of any variance will be given by for the customer's approval prior to the dispatch of any goods.

2. Warranty

The seller will so far as it is legally possible assign to the buyer the benefit of an applicable factory warranty, expressed or implied, issued in relation to, or applicable to the goods supplied. All materials supplied are bound only by the warranty of the manufacturer (or licensed agent thereof) that Australia has obtained the materials from. will at all times act on the buyer's behalf and best interests to uphold and maintain these warranties, providing all documentation to the buyer, but will not be held liable for any costs incurred should the manufacturer deem materials void of warranty as per their terms and conditions.

3. Provision of information

The information, images, colours, sizes and specifications displayed in this website are as provided by the product manufacturers, suppliers or their appointed agents and is as close as accurate as possible. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check and have confirmed details of a critical nature with (or the suppliers directly) prior to the submission of payment when ordering goods from this website. The seller,, will not be held responsible for any errors or ommissions in the information, images, colours, sizes and specifications displayed.

4. Advice of lead times

Any indication of lead times are approximations only, based on either advice given by the manufacturer, wholesaler or business in general involved with the actual delivery of product to site (or agreed address), or from knowledge gained from previous deliveries of a similar nature, and is in no way expressly given by will not be held responsible for costs incurred due to any possible delays experienced. Delivery dates can be requested and all reasonable attemps will be made to deliver on these dates, but we are unable to offer times of delivery as goods are normally delivered by couriers and even the companies the goods are coming from do not have this information.

5. Liability

The seller ,, will accept no liability for damages, breakages, or losses once goods are accepted by the buyer (or agent thereof) as being received in good order and condition. will not be held liable for any costs incurred due to delays in shipment of goods. Dates and times for delivery are given in good faith, though are not guaranteed. will not be held liable for the end use of any items sold and no suggestions for end use of product will be misconstrued as recommendation or warranty. Any suggested quantities offered by when quoting will not place in any position of liability and must be checked for accuracy prior to any placement of order. All purchases are deemed to be made from our Berowra Premises, NSW, under the common laws of NSW and any civil litigation or court proceedings will take place at the closest courthouse to Berowra.

6. Errors & Omissions

The customer will be liable for any calculation errors and / or omissions of information outlined, regarding the ordering and delivery of goods, before and after any transaction has occurred. The payment for any such liabilities will be debited from a person's provided credit card details if supplied with notification given of such action and the reason.

7. Acceptance of Goods

It is the duty of the buyer (or assigned employees and agents) to inspect all goods upon receipt. Verbal notification of damage to goods or of incorrectly supplied goods (or any other issue relating to the delivery of ordered goods) must be received within 24 hours of receipt of the goods, followed by written notification within 7 days of receipt of goods. The property of the goods shall not pass to the buyer until goods are paid in full. In the event of the buyer defaulting in payment of goods or other default then shall have immediate right and without the necessity of giving notice to retake possession of the goods wherever they may be. The seller (or it's servants and agents) is authorised to enter the premises on which the goods are kept and to retake possession. shall not be liable for any cost, losses, damages or other expenses suffered by buyer or any other third party in respect of such recovery. The buyer (or his or her authorised signatory) is responsible to be present on site to accept delivery of all goods despatched by or their agent resulting from an order placed with when arranged delivery times or dates are given.

8. Delivery of goods

All goods are delivered direct by each individual manufacturer from their own closest depot to the delivery address - not from our sales offices. All delivery addresses provided by a customer, when placing any enquiry / order, must be to an address that is attended during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through to Friday. No liability will be accepted by if goods are claimed to be missing or damaged when goods are delivered between these hours and there is no-one authorised to accept delivery. All requests for you to be contacted before delivery will be added to any purchase order but, the supplier or their appointed delivery agent is obliged to do so.

9. Provide delivery information when submitting your payment information

When submitting your payment for any enquiry to convert it to an order, please take the time to give clear information as some suppliers will charge quite hefty fees if they are unable to deliver goods due to inaccurate information being provided.

This will also cause delays for you as they will need to return the goods to the yard and your re-delivery will have to be scheduled in behind all other scheduled deliveries.

When placing an order, on the final page of our online ordering system - please advise:

  1. If you need a crane or a forklift (click here for further forklift info)
  2. A nearest cross street if possible
  3. Of any overhead obstructions such as power poles, phone lines or trees
  4. Open trenches, pipes or other materials obstructing access to your site
  5. Earth Banks or retaining walls
  6. Traffic or Clearway restrictions
  7. Tight access for their equipment
  8. Narrow laneways or streets either within close proximity to or on approach to your site
  9. Any other special delivery instructions
  10. If goods need to be carried a distance of more than 5-10 metres from the vehicle.
  11. If goods such as plasterboard needs to handed up to a first floor

10. General dimensions of vehicles and equipment:

If goods being delivered are of a large or lengthy nature, you need to be aware of the sizes of most general delivery vehicles and ensure they have clear and safe access to your site / delivery address.

  • Height clearance - minimum 4.5m
  • Length - Truck only, 10m
  • Length - Truck & Trailer 19m (this is the most common delivery for brick and block companies, 19m
  • Weight - Truck only, up to 27 tonne
  • Truck weight - Truck & Trailer, up to 48 tonne
  • Width - minimum 3m for access and 4-5m in unloading area

11. Product Placement when delivering:

The standard delivery method is to place goods within reach from the kerbside outside of the property. On request, Drivers will normally endeavour to place the goods within the property at your designated position. Additional costs may be incurred if goods are needed to be carried a distance exceeding 5-10m from the vehicle which will be automatically charged as per our trading teerms and conditions.

You may have to sign a damage waiver form if their driver has to drive over the council kerbing to enter your property and also cover the equipment against damage whilst on your property.

Drivers will not place product above ground level unless pre-organised.

The delivery driver has the right to make the final decision on product placement once he has assessed the site - taking in to consideration any written instructions or verbal requests.

12. Changes to a delivery:

Notification is required no later than midday the day before delivery of any changes to site conditions, or delivery address. A late notification fee may apply if insufficient notice is provided.

13. Bad Weather:

In the event of bad weather prior to the expected delivery date where you feel a driver will unable to successfully delivery any order, you should contact us as to suspend the delivery as soon as possible.

14. Delivery costs if unloading takes more than 1 hour (Demurrage)

Many companies allow up to 1 hour for unloading - anything over 1 hour can incur a additional charge - Drivers will endeavour to advise of this onsite beforehand once the site and delivery conditions have been considered (but not necessarily - it is not their responsibility). This charge will be invoiced seperately from any initial invoice and is payable via automatic debiting of the credit card used to pay for any order.

15. Transport

Futile transport or any other transport costs are chargeable to the buyer if goods are unable to be unloaded when delivered on an agreed prearranged date or time and all goods despatched require being returned. Maximum waiting time on site for unloading to begin is fifteen (15) minutes. Undue waiting time attracts a charge of $70.00 per hour or part thereof. This cost will be automatically charged and debited. It is the duty of the buyer (or buyer's representative) to inspect for damage and correctness of goods delivered. No claim will be recognised by as the buyer's authority will indemnify against all liability once goods are delivered and signed for.

16. Terms of Payment

Payment is to be made in full on placement of order unless agreed otherwise. Payment shall be made within the agreed terms or an accommodation fee of 1.5% per month (compoundable) will be attracted to any outstanding amounts owed as from date of incurred purchase. All cheques not honored will attract a $50.00 administration fee. In the event of legal action eventuating, all legal fees incurred by during the process of legal action in recovery of the unpaid amount shall be borne by the buyer in default. Legal fees include any costs and commissions payable to any recovery or commercial agent and all other expenses incurred by in the recovery of the amount due.

17. Amendments to Orders

Orders cannot be amended once payment has been submitted.

18. Cancellation of Orders

Orders cannot be cancelled except with written consent granted by Australia and upon terms that will indemnify against all losses. Non stock goods or materials ordered in error or excess cannot be returned to for credit or exchange except by special arrangement. No refunds of payments made towards a cancelled order will be given - a credit for the value of the cancelled order less administration costs of 20% will be held for the customer that can be used towards the purchasing of other goods / services. Orders or balances of orders may be cancelled at the option of in the event of any failure by the buyer to abide by the terms of contract.

19. Returns

Goods can only be returned at the discretion of and will be subject to a handling charge of 20% of the value of goods plus the manufacturer or licensed agent's fees and must be accompanied with relevant proof of purchase documentation. Any costs incurred to return goods to the place of despatch are at the buyer's expense. Goods and packaging must be in original condition, free from damage and blemishes. "Made to order" goods and non-stock items which are accepted by the buyer in good order and condition are non-returnable. reserves the right to decline any return of goods. No refunds will be given - goods can only be exchanged for other goods to the equivalent value less any costs.

20. Amendments to these Trading Terms reserves the righ to alter or change these terms at any time and without notice. Any transactions with will be done as per these trading terms and conditions at the time of the applicable transaction(s) - It is recommended you print these terms and conditions at the time of payment for any enquiries made.

All images & prices are representative only. All prices include GST & are subject to change. All sales are as per our terms & conditionsCopyright 2017 - Mancer Corp Pty Ltd