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Reflective Aluminium Bubble Foil Insulation of the Highest Quality and Performance, Manufactured in Australia, for Australia, by Australians


Welcome to the Shopfront of Green Insulation®

Green Insulation® commenced manufacturing reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation at their Meadowbrook, Qld plant in January 2011. The challenge was a diificult one: In the face of a very high Australian dollar, cheap imports and massive dumping of unwanted fibreglass insulation products into Australia, create reflective bubble foil insulation products that could not only compete, but thrive in these difficult economic conditions. One year on, we can honestly say that our decision to defy the trends and create new Australian bubble foil insulation manufacturing has proven to be absolutely viable.

Green Insulation® believes it has invested wisely into Australia's long term future. We've combined exhaustive research, pioneering product innovation and the absolute latest leading edge technology to deliver a range of reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation products that specifically address the challenges presented by the harsh Australian climate, and also the highest possible environmental/eco considerations for today, and well into the future. It's an investment in Australian jobs, our economy, our environment, and our future. The Australian economy needs a diversified base, and manufacturing will play an important role in our future.

We’re very proud of our new Australian reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation manufacturing. On show we have not only new reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation products, but a raft of fantastic benefits, including new innovative uses, leading edge performance and breakthrough design advances. You will see a huge difference to our approach in giving tangible benefits to community, a real edge to business, whilst at the same time really making a difference to driving down building insulation costs. Our commitment, is to a Green and viable future.


Q) What is radiant heat and why does it matter?

Radiant heat is energy. Radiant heat is heat that is transmitted from a heat source through space. It is the heat we feel from distant objects like the sun or a fire. Radiant heat is also called infra-red heat or infra-red energy. A whopping around 80% of the heat transfer in your building envelope is via radiant heat energy, which heats up the house in summer.

Q) How does Green Insulation® work?

Green Insulation® products are made up of layers of air bubbles sandwiched between 99+% pure aluminium foils. It reflects back up to 97% of the radiant heat to achieve thermal comfort inside home all year around. The Reflecta-Range™ patented coating protects the products from corrosion, oxidisation and glare.

Q) Does moisture and water vapour affect Green Insulation®?

Green Insulation® products have a unique polymer coating on top of the aluminium surface, which is an excellent barrier against moisture and water vapour.

Q) How do I install Green Insulation®?

Green Insulation® is easily installed and all the installation guidelines can be found on this site. Click here.

Q) Does Green Insulation® pass the fire test?

All Green Insulation® products pass the required fire tests allowing it to be used in all buildings where AS/NZS 1530.2 & AS/NZS 1530.3 is a mandatory requirement. Green Insulation has a low flammability Index (≤ 5). Please click here to download fire certificates.

Q) Additional benefits using Green Insulation®?

All Green Insulation® products provide thermal comfort all year around. Green Insulation® has excellent R-values, fire properties, acoustic properties, tensile and burst strength, fall arrest properties and anti-slip properties. Its entire product range comes with 15 year long warranty.

Q) What does Total R-value mean?

Total R-values indicates the thermal performance of insulation system. It includes the individual R-value of product, air-spaces and building material which are part of the system. Higher total R-values reflects better thermal performance of system.

Q) Can we achieve higher R-value with bigger air-space?

Yes, higher R-values can be achieved simply by increasing the airspace facing the product.

Q) What are different types of heat transfer?

There are three types of heat transfer: Conduction, Convection and Radiation. Radiation is the major form of heat transfer responsible for temperature rise in a building during summer.

Q) Do Green Insulation® bubble foil products comply with Australian Standards?

All Green Insulation products do comply with Australian Standards of Insulation material including Fire and R-value calculations.

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Reflecta-Break foam insulation 1.35x22.25m
REFLECTA-BREAKReflecta-Break foam insulation 1.35x22.25m$254.80 30m2 roll

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Reflecta-Break Cavity Wall insulation 1.35 x 22.25m
REFLECTA-CAVITYReflecta-Break Cavity Wall insulation 1.35 x 22.25m$246.96 30.03m2 roll

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Reflecta-Cell reflective foil insulation 1.5m x 20m
REFLECTA-CELLReflecta-Cell reflective foil insulation 1.5m x 20m$239.60 30m2 roll

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Garage Door insulation Double Door 500mm x 23m
REFLECTA-GDI-DGarage Door insulation Double Door 500mm x 23m$169.38 11.5m2 roll

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Reflecta-Guard reflective foil insulation 1.5m x 20m
REFLECTA-GUARDReflecta-Guard reflective foil insulation 1.5m x 20m$270.39 30m2 roll

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Handy DIY reflective foil insulation Pack 1.5 x 8m
REFLECTA-HANDYHandy DIY reflective foil insulation Pack 1.5 x 8m$150.80 12m2 roll

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Reflecta-Shed reflective foil insulation 1.5m x 30m
REFLECTA-SHED45Reflecta-Shed reflective foil insulation 1.5m x 30m$249.08 45m2 roll

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White Finished Reflective Foil insulation 1.5 x 20m
REFLECTA-WHITEWhite Finished Reflective Foil insulation 1.5 x 20m$254.80 30m2 roll

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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 

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