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LYSAGHT NOVALINE Fascia System has been designed for ease of use. A spring clip snaps on to the LYSAGHT NOVALINE Fascia and makes fixing of the gutters quick and easy. It is available in custom cut lengths to suit your application.

  • Available in a range of COLORBOND steel colours to suit your needs
  • Custom cut to prevent waste, which gives extra savings
  • Designed to integrate perfectly with LYSAGHT gutters
  • Performance backed by BlueScope Lysaght.

The LYSAGHT NOVALINE® is a fascia system that integrates with most of our gutters.


The Novaline system is compatible with the following gutters:

  • LYSAGHT QUAD 115 Hi-front
  • LYSAGHT QUAD 115 Low-front


Support Spacings

LYSAGHT NOVALINE Fascia should be supported on brackets at 1200 mm maximum centres for sheet roofing, and 600 mm for tile roofing.

LYSAGHT NOVALINE Fascia must not be used as an end span support for sheet roofing.

Gutter Support

Use only an appropriate gutter overstrap to support the gutter.

It comprises of:

  • The Fascia
  • Metal Fixing Brackets
  • One of Many Gutters
  • Spring clips that fastens the gutter to the fascia
  • Overstraps to suit the chosen gutter


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NF42Novaline Fascia$8.20 lin m

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NFACNovaline Fascia Apex Cover$4.85 each

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NFBMLNovaline Fascia Barge Mould$4.60 each

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NFC42MONovaline Fascia Cover$8.20 lin m

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NFEXC45Novaline Fascia External Corner 45 degrees$9.18 each

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NFEXC90Novaline Fascia External Corner 90 degrees$4.76 each

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NFHRBNovaline Fascia Hip Rafter Brackets$1.93 each

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NFICCNovaline Fascia Internal Cover Cap$2.30 each

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NFISPNovaline Fascia Internal Splice Plate$4.16 each

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NFIXC45Novaline Fascia Internal Corner 45 degrees$9.13 each

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NFIXC90Novaline Fascia Internal Corner 90 degrees$4.76 each

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NFSCNovaline Fascia Spring Clip$1.08 each

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NFSRBMPNovaline Fascia Multi-Purpose Brackets$1.54 each

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Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products) Result Pages:  1 

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