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Wall & Ceiling Plasterboard

High performance walls for a safer, quieter more comfortable home

CSR Gyprock has developed special wall and ceiling systems to make your home quieter, safer and more comfortable, while blending in beautifully with your home decorating tastes is rare to offer online plasterboard supplies to allow you to order plasterboard items online.

The average new home builder doesn't give a second thought to the building materials that make up the walls and ceilings in their new home design. Consider the part wall cladding alone plays in sound proofing and general levels of sound carried from room to room. Not to mention fire prevention and resistance to water damage and impact. Then think about how your choice of ceiling and cornice design impacts on your interior decorating and you will see how vital wall and ceiling systems can be to your new home.

CSR Gyprock offer plasterboard wall and ceiling systems designed to meet the specific needs of each room in your home.


Easy Do It Yourself Guides

CSR Gyprock have excellent guidelines on working with their products - from fixing a hole in plasterboard to full blown sheet and cornice installation guides.

  • Building an Archway
  • Covering a brick wall with Gyprock
  • Covering a doorway with Gyprock
  • Fixing External Angles
  • Fixing to fibrous plaster
  • Gyprock Plasterboard DIY Installation Guide
  • Installing decorative plaster Cornices & Rosettes
  • Repairing a hole in Gyprock Plasterboard
  • Repairing an old plaster ceiling
  • Square setting an archway
  • Upgrading standard cornice


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CSR Gyprock plasterboard is a machine made sheet composed of a gypsum core encased in a heavy-duty linerboard. The linerboard is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core. The board ends are cut square.

Gyprock plasterboard is used as an internal lining board to provide smooth, strong, long-lasting walls and ceilings for homes, offices, hospitals, hostels for the aged, schools, shops and factories.

Delivery Notes:

Delivery is usually hand unload off a flat bed truck that requires Minimum 4m clearance and a flat level surface for goods to be placed within 10m of the vehicle. Please advise in the notes section of your enquiry (using the shopping cart / checkout process as per HOW THIS ALL WORKS) if you have any special delivery requirements

Additional fees will apply if it is required:

  • For goods to be carried in excess of 10m from the vehicle by delivery personell
  • Goods are required to be handed up or down to levels other than ground level
  • Excessive wait times are incurred on site
  • Goods need to be returned to the depot due to inadequate delivery instructions being given
  • Goods need to be returned to the depot due to inadequate unloading area or access

As per our trading terms and conditions these costs (and any others) that are incurred whilst attempting to deliver your goods safely will be passed on to you.



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