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Foam Sheets

polystyrene foam sheeting

Polystyrene sheeting or Polystyrene Sheets (better known as foam sheeeting or foam sheets), is cut to size from blocks 2400x1200mm. The cutting service provided is generally square cutting only.Apart from standard sheets sizes as listed below, the cutting service is priced on application, as the grade of material, the size, shape and quantity will determine the amount of wastage from a full block.

Polystyrene Grades

There are seven grades of polystyrene available, although other grades may be obtainable. The grades generally are based on the density of the material. The most common grade is the SL grade or normal grade, followed by M grade, which has a higher density. 

The weights of each grade are as follows:

L Grade 11kg/m3
SL Grade 13kg/m3
S Grade 16kg/m3
M Grade 19kg/m3
H Grade 24kg/m3
VH Grade 28ikg/m3
VVH Grade 34kg/m3

Custom Cutting

Virtually any size can be cut from a block to a maximum size of 5000x1200mm. It should be noted that to cut a piece 2400mm long (apart from a full sheet), the minimum dimension should be 100mm. If smaller pieces are required, they should be made up in 1200mm lengths. Angle cuts require jigging and are time consuming and are priced on application. To prevent a misinterpretation, a sketch of the shape with dimensions should be provided.

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