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A Practical Guide to Interior Decorating - edition 3
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A book on interior decorating aimed squarely at the home owner rather than at the professional is quite rare and there's no doubt author Carol Staines has filled a void. 

She opens with some simple advice for readers to help them determine their 'style'. The book recognises that we all have different emotional needs to satisfy with our decorating and these have to be defined from the start. For instance some prefer a nostalgic traditional look others a homely rustic cottage feel and for others the minimalist modern style is the go. The more clearly your needs are articulated the easier it will be to take concrete steps towards attaining the look you want. 

Basic design elements such as Balance Tonal Values and Patterns are explained with the help of illustrations. Abstract concepts are examined including the principle of Rhythm which focuses on the location of patterns and colours in the room Emphasis the focus of a room Proportion classifying the relationship of one element to another in size and Harmony how all the elements in a room come together and 'pull' in the same direction. 

The author explains the use of colour to create a certain 'mood' and the role of neutrals as a backdrop to bolder accents. Factors which affect colour appearance such as the underlying texture of a surface degree of surface glaze location and size of the application are discussed. Colour in relation to climate light quality age and style of house even our personalities can affect the final result. 

The planning and adaption of rooms for various functions - such as leisure or privacy - and specific solutions for problem areas are examined. The book offers criteria for choosing paints carpeting secondhand items and furniture along with specific tips for renovating bathrooms and kitchens. 

Thankfully the author never beats around the bush nor does she get preachy. She recognises that Style is subjective and one person's likes aren't necessarily shared by others. Her guide to interior decoration is designed to help the reader determine - in a clear and practical manner - what they can do to successfully apply their own personal touch to their home. 

Illustrations: Black & White and Colour


Finding Your Style
Decorating to Meet Your Emotional Needs 
Lifestyle Issues 

The Principals of Design
Design Principle of Balance 
Design Principal of Rythmn 
Design Principal of Emphasis 
Design Principal of Proportion 
Design Principal of Harmony 

Colour in Combinations 
The Role of Neutrals 
Influences Upon Colour 
Accents in Colour 
Colour in Combinations 
Colour & Decorator Items 
Using Pattern & Colour 
Colour & Your Lifestyle 
Adjusting Colour for Climates 
The Importance of Tonal Value 

Rooms & Their Functions
Planning Spaces 
Planning Comfort Levels 
Design for Privacy 
Decorating Poorly Designed Spaces 
Renovating the Bathroom 
Designing Laundries 
Designing Kitchens 
Buying a New Kitchen 
Kitchen Benchtop Choices 
Creating Space in a Small Kitchen 
Buying a Stove & Oven 
Buying a Dishwasher 
Buying a Fridge 
Sleeping Areas 
Work Home Offices 
Outdoor Entertainment Areas 
Overcoming Poorly Designed Spaces 

Furniture is a reflection of an Age 
Furniture Placement 
What Makes a Good Design 
Making the Best Choices 
Space is Important 
Identifying Quality Furniture 
Purchasing Mattresses 
Buying Second Hand Furniture 
Purchasing Metal Furniture 
Collectable Furniture 

Using Decorator Materials
Painting & Paints 
Understanding Paint Bases 
Buying Painting Equipment 
Employing Painters 
Heritage Houses 
Buying Floor Coverings 
Buying Window Coverings 

Environmentally Friendly Options

Hands On Decorating 
About Renovating & Redecor 
Learning to Visualise 
Decorating in Tropical Regions 
Decorating Expensive Houses 
About Older Houses 
Renovating a Period Bathroom 
Renovating a Period Kitchen 
Having Tradespeople in Your Home 
How to Compare Quotes 
What are Acceptable Standards? 

Decorating to Resell
Getting Ready to Decorate 
Common Decorating Problems


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by Kelsey Freemantle Wednesday 13 March, 2013
Perfect condition and arrived so quickly. I live in a rural area in WA and use to things taking a while to get here so was a surprise to see it in the post box two days after I placed the order. I will shop here again. Thank you :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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