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SmartFLO Colorbond Gutter - including inlet filters
by Michael Nixon Wednesday 04 May, 2016
On delivery of the Smartflo guttering, I noticed some minor marks/damage. Some of the gutter ends had minor dents/bends, and one gutter length had a significant scuff mark (through the paint) on its front edge. These looked like cosmetic damage or problems that could be fixed at installation. I was a bit disappointed, but decided it wasn't worth the hassle of chasing up. However, the feedback might be useful for the supplier. I suspect the damage was caused by handling in transit, as the shipment seemed to be very well prepared and packed.

Now that I am installing the guttering, I find two issues arising from the damage noted:

1. For the slip joints to work properly when joining gutter lengths, the two ends must be shaped very carefully and precisely (as per the instructions). The minor dents in the ends made this job a bit more difficult.

2. The scuff mark turned out to be a structural dent/deformation when I prepared this length for installation. The support brackets, already in place, need to be located with a tolerance of on just a mm or so - this is because the gutter sections are very rigid. Brackets are located assuming the gutters are straight, so even a very slight bend in the gutter will cause problems with the gutter sitting correctly on the brackets. As the bend in this damaged section is very slight, I am hopeful that the gutter will fit in position OK - I expect I will need extra securing screws to hold it in place.

Other than the minor damage noted above, I am very happy with the product. For anyone considering mounting this guttering onto exposed rafters, you will need to spend a lot of time measuring up the rafter ends to ensure you get the brackets installed accurately. As the gutter lengths are very rigid, the brackets must be aligned with mm accuracy. You are bound to find that the ends of exposed rafters are not in a nice straight line and the end faces are not cut accurately on either vertical or horizontal angles. You will need spacers behind the brackets to get them fixed into accurate alignment - it took me many hours of frustrating measurements and calculations to get it right! The instructions mention this - but only briefly! Because the sections are so rigid, you can only change the gutter fall (if you need to) at a joint. So plan this out carefully before ordering your lengths.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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