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Metal Key Joint
key Joint is used in the joints between slabs to prevent any vertical movement between each slab - meaning that it stops either slab from lifting.

It achieves this by creating a large tongue and groove type arrangement between each slab due to the shape of the keyjoint

keyjoint is available with removable or non removable capping of various types to allow for sealed expansion joints - the removable type is what they called a zipped capper due to the fact that it can be pulled out after the slab is cured, much like the undoing of a zipper

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Danley Keyjoint 100mm inc stakes
KJ1003000Danley Keyjoint 100mm inc stakes$43.47 3m len

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Danley Keyjoint 150mm inc stakes
KJ1503000Danley Keyjoint 150mm inc stakes$46.58 3m len

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Danley Keyjoint 200mm inc stakes
KJ2003000Danley Keyjoint 200mm inc stakes$49.68 3m len

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Keyjoint Capping black permanent
KJCPKeyjoint Capping black permanent$282.65 25m roll

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Keyjoint Capping grey removable
KJCRKeyjoint Capping grey removable$159.60 25m roll

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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 

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