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Roof Extenda Pergola Bracket - S500
Product Code: ROOFEXTENDA-S500
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Many builders consider that attaching pergolas, driveways, or carpor ts to fascias to be an unsatisfactory and potentially dangerous practice. Fascias are designed for guttering and eave lining, not for holding the weight of other structures. Roof Extenda Bracket assists in reducing potential problems by allowing extended roof-lines to be supported by rafters, top plates and wall studs which have the structural integrity necessary for additional loads.

The Roof Extenda Pergola Bracket inc Weatherseal - S500 is suitable for all roof types and offers heights from 500 to 560mm

Roof Extenda Bracket is easy to install through tile and metal roofs – no special tools are required.

The extended roof-lines are raised above the guttering to provide easy access for cleaning and general maintenance.

Air flow between roof-lines provides, improved ventilation from summer heat.

Adjustability allows run-off angle to be optimised and height for larger vehicles such as four wheel drives, boats, or caravans to go under.

Weather Seals are included (for flashing).

The Roof Extenda Solves Problems

  • The Roof Extenda Bracket is designed for ease of installation, allowing adjustment to suit any roof pitch, giving the builder better flexibility and ease of construction in any situation.
  • It also enables the builder to achieve correct levels and suitable clearances.
  • The Roof Extenda Bracket is extremely successful in areas where high winds are experienced as it is bolted directly to the roof rafter giving structurally sound fixing method.



Roof Extenda Bracket Details

Greater Safety

  • The user is free to place plant and flower baskets at a safe height, without concern, because the framework is not supported on the facia.
  • By using the Roof Extenda Bracket, the brackets are bolted directly to the existing rafters.


  • The Roof Extenda Bracket gives the builder the ability to obtain the correct fall and head clearance neccessary to meet all council and building standards thoughout Australia.

Solves Problems

  • The Roof Extenda Bracket solves problems like height adjustment for carports.
  • Raising the pergola or carport above the existing facia allows a free flow of air and reduction in heat build up, which is important to the comfort of people using the pergola.






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by andrew brown Tuesday 15 March, 2016
Very happy with purchase

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