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LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB is the famous BlueScope Lysaght Australian corrugated profile, equally at home with traditional and contemporary design. It is long, wide, strong, lightweight and economical. It can be aligned quickly and easily. Add up these features and you have a steel roof or wall cladding that simply offers outstanding value.


* Can be used for both roofing and walling applications
* Available in standard a range of finshes
* Roof sheet lengths of up to 24m

Common Uses of this product

Roofing and walling in industrial, commercial, and residential applications, internal and external feature walls, heritage renovations.

NOTE - minimum cutting length is 500mm - below this an additional cutting charge per sheet will apply

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0.60mm Lysaght colorbond curving corrugated
BO60CBCS0.60mm Lysaght colorbond curving corrugated$30.06 lin m

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0.60mm Lysaght galvanised curving corrugated
BO60G4500.60mm Lysaght galvanised curving corrugated$41.68 lin m

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0.60mm Lysaght ultra curving corrugated
BO60UCS0.60mm Lysaght ultra curving corrugated$64.31 lin m

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0.60mm Lysaght zincalume curving corrugated
BO60ZCS0.60mm Lysaght zincalume curving corrugated$27.02 lin m

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0.42mm Lysaght double sided corrugated
CO42BRBR0.42mm Lysaght double sided corrugated$24.38 lin m

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0.42mm Corrugated roof sheet - 762mm cover
CO42CB0.42mm Corrugated roof sheet - 762mm cover$14.66 lin m

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0.42mm Lysaght ultra corrugated roofing
CO42CBU0.42mm Lysaght ultra corrugated roofing$33.89 lin m

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Lysaght Corrugated 0.42mm Galvanised
CO42GLysaght Corrugated 0.42mm Galvanised$21.81 lin m

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0.42mm Lysaght zincalume corrugated roofing
CO42Z0.42mm Lysaght zincalume corrugated roofing$13.11 lin m

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0.48mm Lysaght colorbond corrugated roofing
CO48CB0.48mm Lysaght colorbond corrugated roofing$16.12 lin m

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0.48mm Lysaght ULTRA roofing
CO48CBU0.48mm Lysaght ULTRA roofing$33.76 lin m

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0.48mm Lysaght zincalume corrugated roofing
CO48Z0.48mm Lysaght zincalume corrugated roofing$15.59 lin m

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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products) Result Pages:  1 

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