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LYSAGHT INTEGRITY 820 is an exterior cladding profile designed for commercial and industrial applications, where long span and wide cover for fast installation is required.

* Very low roof pitches (to 1 degree) possible.
* Fix with ease and speed
* Available in COLORBOND steel and ZINCALUME steel

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FIXKIT-CLysaght Integrity fixing kit colorbond$141.65 lin m

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FIXKIT-ZLysaght Integrity fixing kit zincalume$121.46 each

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Lysaght Integrity capping strip colorbondINTEGRITY-CAP-CLysaght Integrity capping strip colorbond$6.36 each

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Lysaght Integrity capping strip zincalumeINTEGRITY-CAP-ZLysaght Integrity capping strip zincalume$3.88 each

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0.42mm Lysaght colorbond Integrity roofingINTEGRITY42C0.42mm Lysaght colorbond Integrity roofing$39.59 lin m

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0.42mm Lysaght zincalume Integrity roofingINTEGRITY42Z0.42mm Lysaght zincalume Integrity roofing$27.08 lin m

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0.48mm Lysaght colorbond Integrity roofingINTEGRITY48C0.48mm Lysaght colorbond Integrity roofing$45.74 lin m

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0.48mm Lysaght zincalume Integrity roofingINTEGRITY48Z0.48mm Lysaght zincalume Integrity roofing$32.49 lin m

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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 

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