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The Lenny Water Diverter



Water restrictions are becoming more commonplace, will be more severe and remain in force for longer periods. Water today has become our scarcest resource and is poised to become a very expensive commodity. Yet, every roof catches huge amounts of water during a rain fall but we allow it to flow down our downpipes and into the street to be wasted forever.

However you can CATCH the pure clean rain water of your roof rather than watching it just disappear......BUT HOW?

With a device called the Lenny downpipe diverter. The Lenny has the flexibility to redirect ALL your rain water to your garden and lawns (to give them a deep soaking which is good for the root system), your swimming pool (which uses lots of water), fish pond, water tank or anywhere else you need water. The Lenny is inexpensive, simple but effective!! Turn your downpipe into a tap!!!

So what is a "Lenny"?

The lenny is a simple gate system either leaves your downpipe open so the rain water goes down and out to the stormwater drains or the gate can be shut so the rain water is redirected to the outlet and into your pool or water tank.

Once the Lenny is installed:

- Fit one end of the standard pool vacuum hose over the outlet. Put the other end in your pool or your pool skimmer box.

- Flick the lever to close the Lenny's gate and water is immediately diverted

The Lenny with a Pool Hose


Installed on rectangular downpipe (requires additional adaptors)


The lenny diverting to a tank via a 90mm pipe


The lenny first diverting to a water tank, then to a pool - easily switched to either

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The Round Lenny Water Diverter
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