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Acrow Props

Global Scaffolding Acrow Props

The Acrow Prop is a telescopic tubed steel prop used for temporary support. Since its invention in 1935, the Acrow Prop has become a staple in construction sites. This simple building tool revolutionised typical construction methods with its plain yet groundbreaking design. Made from high-yield galvanised steel, Acrow Props have the strength and durability to act as temporary or false-work support during construction. The Acrow Prop is a convenient equipment for building sites as it is very easy to place in position. Reinforcing concrete beams and floors is a cinch while scaffolding applications are also possible. This versatile equipment also promotes safety and stability while working on projects.

High Quality Acrow Props

We provide props that are unparalleled in quality and durability. We stock Galvanised Steel Acrow Props in a range of sizes; from Size 0 up to Size 4. Affordable and versatile, you can finish construction projects faster and save on expenses at the same time. Our products are a sure, economical addition to your construction equipment!

Acrow props electroplated galvanised steel and painted. Manufactured and tested to AS610-1995 standards.

Sizes Heights
No. 0 1090mm – 1900mm
No. 1 1750mm – 3125mm
No. 2 1980mm – 3350mm
No. 3 2460mm – 3900mm
No. 4 3060mm – 4500mm

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Acrow Prop - No. 0 1090-1900mmACROW-PROP0Acrow Prop - No. 0 1090-1900mm$62.89 each

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Acrow Prop - No. 1 1750-3125mmACROW-PROP1Acrow Prop - No. 1 1750-3125mm$78.48 each

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Acrow Prop - No. 2 1980-3350mmACROW-PROP2Acrow Prop - No. 2 1980-3350mm$102.10 each

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Acrow Prop - No. 3 2460-3900mmACROW-PROP3Acrow Prop - No. 3 2460-3900mm$112.75 each

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Acrow Prop - No. 4 3060-4500mmACROW-PROP4Acrow Prop - No. 4 3060-4500mm$123.38 each

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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 

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