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FAKRO Skylights & Access Ladders

Live in a brighter world that spreads abundant natural light into your living rooms, utility spaces and hallways. Create dramatically lit rooms with sky views and improved ventilation that look and feel stylish and stunning.

In the kitchen

In the Bedroom

With three models available in a range of standard sizes, there is a Fakro skylight for every application and budget.

From commercial multi-unit applications, to single bathroom renovations or attic conversions, Fakro has the answer.


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Choose from 8 different sizes

FV Model








Nominal Frame
size SxK mm
565x674 565x953 565x1372 768x953 768x1153 768x1372 1174x674 1174x1153
Outside Frame
size BxL mm
623x699 623x978 623x699 826x978 826x1178 826x1397 1232x699 1232x1178




Insulated Glazing Unit

  1. Exterior toughened 4mm safety glass
    for strength and durability
  2. Argon gas injected for increased thermal performance (14mm airspace)
  3. Low-E coating to reduce solar heat gain
  4. Laminated safety glass for strength
    and maximum protection from fading
  5. Double thickness (0.76mm) laminating
    interlayer for extra safety
    and UV protection

Combined, these features not only provide superior safety and energy efficiency, but also result in reduced fading, excellent sound insulation ratings and greater durability.

Timber Construction

  • Wide, thick Nordic pine timber frames provide maximum stability to better resist warping and improve the long term integrity of the skylight.
  • All timber components are placed in an autoclave and vacuum impregnated with preservative that reaches deep within the timber structure to prevent mould or moisture build-up, compared to surface applied preservatives on some other skylights.
  • All timber surfaces are fully factory sealed with two coats of clear based lacquer to resist absorption of moisture and subsequent swelling or cracking.
  • The UV protected lacquer provides a premium longer lasting finish, removes the need for expensive onsite finishing costs and allows the wood to be easily cleaned of finger marks after installation.
  • The lacquered timber frame is fitted with condensation gaskets to ensure all moisture is directed externally for superior sealing.

Combined, these features reduce the level of maintenance required and extend the life and appearance of the skylight.

Skylights Tested and Approved

Cyclone Ratings

Fakro Skylights have been subjected to Cyclonic and Non Cyclonic Testing in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory.

Both the Fakro Fixed Skylight and Openable Skylight passed the test requirements of Australian Standard AS4285-1995, Skylights, for Resistance to Wind Pressure for Cyclone and Non-Cyclon Regions and the BCA's-1995.

Acoustic Insulation

Fakro Skylights have been tested for airborne sound insulation and achieved high level ratings of 36db's for Opening Skylights and 35db's for Fixed Skylights.

Cyclic Tests

All Fakro Opening Skylights have passed cyclic testing of 10,000 open/close cycles which is approximately 27 years of opening and closing the skylight once a day.

Concentrated Load Tests

Fakro Skylights have passed concentrated load tests of 1.1kN as per the default requirements of AS4285-1995.

For more technical information, visit the Skylight Technical page .


Skylight Flashing

Your roofing professional will be able to advise you on a suitable flashing for your Fakro Skylight which are described in detail below.

Constructed from polyester coated aluminium and malleable metal, Fakro Flashing Kits provide an unobtrusive and enduring water-tight fit.

Fakro Skylights have two main flashing types:

  • EHA - used in applications where the skylight is fitted in high-profiled roofing materials such as tiles up to 90mm profile height or corrugated metal roof sheeting. Not recommended for wide span high-profile roof decking with rollformed ridges of 35mm or greater, as custom flashing would be required.
  • ELA - allows skylights to be flashed with thin flat roofing materials such as slate or shingles.

Skylights require a roof pitch between 15 and 60 degrees. Custom made flashings which pitch the skylights at 15 degrees or more may be necessary on lower (flatter) roof pitches.

The use of Fakro Skylights in roof pitches above 60 degrees is not recommended and the manufacturers warranty is voided in such applications.




FAKRO Access Ladders

Need more space for storing seasonal household items and precious memorabilia? Fakro Loft ladder access to your roof space might be the answer.


Now supplied a white prefinished architrave kit with nails, so each ladder can now be fit to completion without the need to purchase additional materials. The Attic Solutions architrave kit is pre-mitred and needs only to be trimmed to final size before installation.

Fakro timber loft ladders are constructed in three folding sections, providing easy and safe access to attic spaces. When installed, this space-saving ladder folds neatly away into the ceiling leaving valuable room space below uncluttered and free for other activities.
The Fakro loft ladder is fitted with a thermo-insulating trap door with a white finish to reduce the need for painting after installation. The lock and rod for opening the trap door are supplied with the ladder and allow easy opening.
Prefinished insulated trap door

Adjustable Springs
The spring operated lowering mechanism is easily adjustable to optimize the force of the ladder trap door when it is opened and lowered. This mechanism securely locks the lid into place when fully opened and stabilizes the whole ladder for use. The supplied installation brackets enable exact positioning of the ladder in the ceiling.
The distance between the steps is comfortable and the milled anti-slip grooves and dovetail joints on each tread make the ladder much stronger and safer for the user. The red metal hand rail is installed to the existing brackets and can be fitted to either side of the ladder.

Dovetails Joints & Grooved Treads

The ladders are built tough for frequent use and includes plastic feet to reduce scratching (on the 2700 and 3050mm models) and all ladders have a rated load capacity of 160kg.


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