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Solasafe Polycarbonate Sheet - Corrugated
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Domestic Solasafe Polycarbonate


"Solasafe" Polycarbonate sheeting provides 99% protection from harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin damage.  Outdoor family and children's play areas are part of the Australian lifestyle, and selecting the best roofing solution is the first step to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Polycarbonate is an advanced polymer with optical and physical properties that can't be matched by other materials.  Adding an outdoor room to your home can enhance your family life and add value to your property.  Solasafe has three levels of polycarbonate sheeting to choose from.  A level to suit your needs and climate.  A colour to suit your home and surroundings.

Level One "Solasafe"
The most widely used Solasafe Polycarbonate sheet.  Available in Corrugated, Greca and 5 - Rib profiles.  Seven colours with varying light and heat transmission ratings.

Level Two "Solasafe" Comfort Range
In designer colours that transmit less heat but allow plenty of soft light to pass through.  More comfort!  Corrugated and Greca profiles.  Two colours according to the profile selected.

Level Three "Solasafe" HR1
Metallic particles reflect heat but allow soft diffused light to transmit.  Especially suitable for use in hot climates.  Corrugated and Greca profiles in Pearl Ice and Silvermist colours.

Spanning Capacity

Solasafe Polycarbonate

Maximum sheet spans

Corrugated 800mm 900mm
Greca 900mm 900mm
5-Rib 900mm 1000mm
When rafter spacing coincides with sheet overlaps the roof appears join free.  Sheet cover is 760mm.  Note: We recommend the use of anti-noise self adhesive Foam Tape along Battens and Purlins to minimise friction noise generated by expansion and contraction of the sheets.

Sheet Lengths

Profile Lengths Colours
Corrugated 1.8m - 8.1m Clear, Opal, Light Bronze, Grey, Dark Tint, Pearl Ice, Silver Mist
  1.8m - 6.0m Green, Smooth Cream, Mist Green
Greca 1.8m - 8.1m Clear, Light Bronze, Grey, Dark Tint, Pearl Ice, Silver Mist
  1.8m - 6.0m Opal, Smooth Cream
5 Rib 1.8m - 8.1m Clear, Opal, Grey
  1.8m - 6.0m Light Bronze, Dark Tint

Available Lengths

1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, *3.3m, 3.6m, *3.9m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m, **8.1m
* 3.3m and/or 3.9m are only available in some product lines; please check with your supplier or Ampelite in your state.
** Note: 8.1m lengths are only available in the profiles and colours shown below.

In addition to these stock lengths a cut to size service is available through most outlets.

Light and Heat Transmission

  Colours Light Heat Shade Factor
LEVEL ONE Clear 91% 85.2% 1
  Opal 55% 40.2% 7
  Grey 26% 50% 5
  Light  Bronze 36% 60.6% 3
  Dark Tint 17% 38.9% 7
  Green 48% 65% 3
LEVEL TWO Smooth Cream 44% 35.2% 7
  Mist Green 20% 37.3% 7
LEVEL THREE Pearl Ice 48% 32.5% 6
  Silver Mist 17% 22% 9

Shade Factor Key 0 =Full Light 10 = Full Shade


Ampelite Australia Pty. Ltd. recommend that you closely adhere to the installation instructions below.  These procedures follow the Australian and New Zealand Standard: Design and Installation of Sheet Roof and Wall cladding, Part 3: Plastic, AS/NZS 1562.3: 2006.

"Solasafe" is ideally suited to domestic applications.  It is fixed and flashed on similar principles to steel roofing.  Ampelite's fixing procedures are based on normal weather conditions; for extreme climatic conditions enquire at your nearest Ampelite office for their recommendations.

Note: Minimum recommended fall for corrugated and greca is 5° this is approximately 83mm per metre of sheet length.  As an example: a 3.6 metre sheet requires a minimum fall of 300mm.  With 5 - Rib profile, 3° fall is sufficient - over 3.6 metres this is 180mm.  We strongly recommend using 5-Rib when the roof pitch is minimal.  If insufficient fall is allowed, leakage may occur.


minimum fall 5°

For fall of 5° divide length of sheet by 12
e.g. a 6 metre sheet divided by 12 = 500mm fall top to bottom

minimum fall 3°



For fall of 3° divide length of sheet by 20
e.g. a 6 metre sheet divided by 20 = 300m fall top to bottom


  • To reduce noise caused by friction due to expansion and contraction we recommend using 25mm x 3mm white self adhesive Anti-Noise Tape along the top of batterns.

  • When fixing polycarbonate sheets to the batterns or purlins, allowance has to be made when drilling screw holes so that the sheet can move freely as it expands and contracts.  Screw holes must have a minimum diameter of 10mm for sheet lengths up to 4.2m.  Lengths over 4.2m and up to 8.1m require 12mm diameter holes.  To fix corrugated and greca profiles use 50mm x 12g screws.  The 5-Rib profile requires 65mm x 12g screws.  All screws must be fitted with 26mm Ampelite grey domed weatherproof seals.  If using other fixings or seals they must be compatible with polycarbonate sheeting e.g. Neoprene or EPDM.  Avoid over tightening!

An alternate method of fixing which also speeds up installation, is to use self drilling combination drill/cutter and weatherproof seal assemblies.  These fasteners self drill the sheet and create the correct clearance hole in one operation. A very easy, effective, method.


  • Please read the labels on the sheet prior to installation and check each sheet label thoroughly to ensure that the UV protected surfaces faces the correct way.  Sheets incorrectly installed will not withstand weathering and discolouration will result.  When used vertically, face the protected side of the sheet in the direction of the most intensive sunlight or exposure to weather.


  • If new sheeting is to be used with existing polycarbonate please check colour prior to installation as some minor variation may occur.

  • When polycarbonate is correctly installed additional sealing is seldom needed.  If sealing is required at side or end laps, use a co-polymer sealant specifically formulated to be compatible with polycarbonate.  Incompatible sealants weaken the sheeting and their use voids the Warranty.  Refer to Ampelite for the best sealants.


  • Please refer to the Span Table and do not exceed the measurements shown.

  • End laps (if required on very long runs) are best placed at batterns or purlins.  Allow 200mm for low pitched roofs and 150mm on steeper falls.  Excessive overlap should be avoided.  Overhang at the eave must not exceed 100mm and be less in high wind areas.  In most installations 50mm is sufficient.


  • Laps should face away from the prevailing wind direction.

Corrugated:  Overlap 1.5 corrugations

Greca:  Overlap 1 rib (or 2 ribs depending on the degree of exposure or weatherproofing required)

5 Rib:  Overlap 1 rib


Polycarbonate is best cut with sharp snips.  Small cuts can be made with strong, sharp scissors.  If a power saw is used it should be fitted with a fine toothed blade suitable for cutting plastics or aluminium.  Do not use high speed cut-off wheels or similar as they cause melting.


  • Under single skin roofs and especially in cold weather, some condensation is mostly un-avoidable.  Good ventilation will help minimise condensation.


  • Use only a soft brush and soapy water.  No abrasives.  To prevent possible staining we recommend cleaning whenever bird soil is apparent.


Sheets should be stored in cool, sheltered surroundings.  Do not place heavy materials on the sheets, or drag stacks to a new location.  Always support sheets when moving.  Sheeting exposed to sun and rain, or stored under tarps etc, can be damaged either by distortion or condensation between the sheets.  Damage caused by incorrect storage or handling is not covered by the warranty.


Carefully follow all Ampelite fixing instructions in this brochure.  As polycarbonate sheeting expands up to 21.6mm over eight metres, we do not recommend using sheets above 8.1m.

Recommended Curves

Ampelite Accessories

Flashing / Capping

End Closure Foam Strip

Anti-noise Tape

We recommend the use of self adhesive foam tape on batterns to reduce noise created by expansion and contraction of the sheeting.


Solasafe features a lifetime warranty. For full warranty details, please contact your nearest Ampelite office or click here.


Installation Instructions

Polycarbonate Facts Sheet

Important Tips


Project Photos


Solasafe Polycarbonate Part1

Solasafe Polycarbonate Part2

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